Get Trash(ed) with OSV Count

Event Information

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

7:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Registration (get there earlier if possible. we will begin registration as soon as we complete setup)

7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
OSV Cleanup

12:00 PM
All trash must be in our dumpster on the beach for weigh in

Please register with a volunteer at the OSV entrance before driving onto the OSV zone.

This is not your normal weekend race to get on. All participants will not count towards the 145 limit. Be patient during registration, everyone will get on the beach. We promise!

Our team members in orange vests will guide you through registration. Please listen to their instructions.

Time to get your hands dirty
Unless you brought gloves of course.

At this point we have assigned you a KM on the beach, work as a group or spread out to collect as much trash as possible. From the shoreline, into the dunes and as far toward the bay as you feel comfortable traversing.

Not everything is trash, here is a list of things to avoid:

  • Artifacts. If it’s old wood or metal, leave it alone. It could be from a past shipwreck.
  • Drift wood, animal remains and natural rubbish
  • Left over camp fire wood, please toss towards the shoreline if within the driving tracks
  • Leave tires next to the dumpster at the end of the cleanup. Do not place them inside of the dumpster.

Return to camp
Please return the OSV entrance area by 12:00PM noon to empty your trash. The container on the beach is weighed for cleanup statistics. 

The Beach Cleanup team will have relocated just north of the entrance on the OSV beach. Please form a line at dumpster area and wait for a volunteer to approach your vehicle. EVERYONE please stay INSIDE of your vehicle when you return for check-in. Once we have you checked in, you can park your vehicle and empty your trash.

Thanks for supporting our OSV!

Thanks for all you hard work, the Assateague wildlife and OSV beach goers appreciate your efforts. Please visit to stay informed of future events.